Good to Go


Breaking news! Good to Go is the first men's product of its kind.  It’s no fuss ingredients help to hydrate, energize and soothe while contributing to your overall skin game.  Featuring 3 different treatments with all-star active ingredients that work together as a team to improve skin fast! Toronto Maple Leaf superstar and face of men's fashion, Joffrey Lupul, is the spokesperson of this product proving that great skin is for guys too. He shoots, he scores!

Moisture Monday
Hyaluronic acid mask

Start the week off right with a burst of hydration! This intensive hydrating mask will deliver moisture to dry areas and maximize the effectiveness of the system for the rest of the week. Fun fact: Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is naturally occurring in the skin and holds 1000 X its weight in water!

Toning Tuesday
Vitamin C

On Tuesdays, we retexturise and reinvigorate the skin! Containing Vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant), this formula will improve skin tone and help moisturize dry skin from environmental stressors, age spots, and acne scars - leaving your skin feeling softer and more energized than ever!

Flawless Friday

It’s finally Friday! This final mask will leave you ready for the weekend. Honey will refresh and invigorate your complexion, while soothing your skin and leaving you with the perfect glow - for whatever the weekend holds.

Directions for Use

Apply mask to face.

Leave 15 minutes, remove and discard.

Pat any remainder into skin.

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