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Flawless Refresh

Never Run Out of Your Flawless Faves!
Say hello to Flawless Refresh - Flawless by Friday's Auto-Replenishment service!


Let us take one more thing off your mind – Never run out of your Flawless faves and join our Flawless Refresh Program.

It’s easy! Just tell us what you want, how often you want it and we will ship it to you for free! We’ll also give you a discount to stay stocked up on flawless. So, keep up with your monthly 5-Day routine and never be without our quick fix honey and gold eye masks without having to order.

Flawless Refresh Terms and Conditions

  • Your subscription will continue until you cancel it
  • You can cancel any order up to 48 hrs before the next order date by contacting
  • A recurring charge will automatically be applied to your credit card for the amount of the product selected for each shipment on the schedule you requested
  • There is no minimum term of the subscription and no minimum purchase obligation

How it Works





  • Select product
  • Schedule delivery frequency
  • Receive 20% off your first subscription order
  • Receive FREE shipping throughout your subscription!
  • Voila! It's as simple as that.


  • Is the Flawless Refresh subscription limited to certain countries? At this time, Flawless Refresh is available to Canada and U.S. customers only. 
  • What shipping charges are associated with the Flawless Refresh orders? All subscription orders include FREE shipping!
  • How do I change my shipping address for my Flawless Refresh orders? Simply login to your Flawless by Friday account, click "View Addresses", then click "Add a New Address".
  • When will my Flawless Refresh order be charged? Your Flawless Refresh order will be charged at point of shipping.
  • When will my Flawless Refresh order ship? Your Flawless Refresh order will ship within 48 hours of frequency requested.
  • How do I change the credit card information associated with my Flawless Refresh subscription? Your credit card information can be changed by logging into your Flawless by Friday account, click "Manage Subscription", click "Manage" to the right, click "View/Update Card".
  • How do I cancel my subscription? You may cancel your subscription by logging into your Flawless by Friday account, click "Manage Subscription", click "Manage" to the right, click Delete Subscription.
  • Why is my discount code not working? Unfortunately you cannot use a discount code on top of the 20% off already offered when placing a subscription order.