Canadian Women Are Taking Over the Beauty Biz

“I started Flawless by Friday at 26, and I found that I wasn’t really taken seriously by most people in the business world,” says founder Brittny Robins. But persistence paid off: Robins continued to fight to get funding for her skincare brand and it’s clear that now she’s on a serious roll. A big part of her success is connecting with customers on social. “I think millennials want to see themselves in our content and also be able to see progress,” she says. “We don’t grow alone, we grow with our community, and we ask for their input along the way, whether it’s how we design a bottle, or what we want to name a new product.” This month, Robins is expanding her brand from skincare to include  makeup palettes, brushes, lashes and double-sided lip products. At the same time, she’s launching a marketplace at Yorkdale Shopping Centre, featuring all female entrepreneurs, so that she can use her own success to help others get started.