What's in T's Bag? (Record Store Edition)

Therese Hadfield, Accounting Administrator, Flawless by Friday 

Inspired by the Amoeba record store youtube videos of artists, musicians, actors and comedians shopping for their favourite records, I decided that for my week’s blog post, I would do by own version of “What’s In My Bag?”. There are some really great record stores spread across Toronto, and this week I decided to hit up Play De Record. Close to Spadina and College, and just up the street from some delicious dumplings and dim sum, this spot is home to great classic vinyl.

Here’s what’s in my bag:

1. Rufus and Chaka Khan Live – 1982

Recorded live at the Savoy Theatre in New York, this record was one of the first ones I chose to add to my bag. One of my favourite love songs of all time is by Rufus and Chaka Khan, “Sweet Thing”. This song never gets old, it should be played at every dance, every wedding, really just any situation that you’re with someone you like. There was no doubt in my mind that I had to grab this record, Chaka Khan’s vocals are just out of this world and trust me, trying to hit those notes while singing in the car is hard.

2. Stevie Wonder, Songs In The Key of Life - 1976

If you haven’t had this album played at one point in your life, what are you doing? We must protect Stevie Wonder at all costs. Stevie Wonder is a special artist to me, I grew up listening to him with my Lolo and Lola. He is, to me, a legend, a genius and the reason why I got into Motown. He is also the only concert that I’ve been to that emotionally moved me (I may or may not have teared up to his cover of Imagine). This whole record is just a solid 12/10, the instrumentals and Stevie’s vocals will always put you into a great, happy, funky mood. The first track, “Love Is In Need Of Love Today” is something I think the whole world needs to listen to right now.

3. Pharrell, Angel – 2005

I’ve been listening to The Neptunes recently and to be quite honest I thought the art on the sleeve was cool, so I copped. I am also just wondering when and where Pharrell located the fountain of youth? Please let me know. Skateboard p comes through with his smooth, flattery lyrics and vocals. Once you hear that classic 4 count intro, you know your ears are in for a treat. But for real, Pharrell’s clear skin is goals.

4. Nas, Illmatic – 1994

Do I even need to explain myself? ’94 was the year this was released, and when I was born – I must say, what a really great year.

5. D’Angelo, Live At the Jazz Café, London – 1995

D’Angelo is the best of R&B – fight me (but why would you). He is still the one artist on my list that I need to see live and I’m not even sure if I’m ready for when that day comes. A live show, with a mix of tracks from Brown Sugar and Voodoo is something I can only dream of. He is unbelievably talented, clever and just the definition of smooth and sexy. I’d sell my kidney and my soul to go back in time and see this show. If you take me to a D’Angelo show, backed by The Roots and Pino Palladino you have me forever.