What is Flawless in Fifteen?

Carrying on our brand ethos, Flawless in Fifteen combinesspeed, simplicityand self-confidence. Our goal is to have our customers feel like their most beautiful self and at an affordable price. Even if you're not an expert at applying makeup, you can still feel truly flawless. Each of our palettes includes a ‘Cheek Sheet’, which includes step-by-step instructions and a diagram to guide you through your makeup application!

Our makeup line includes four different looks: Natural Knockout, Glow Getter, Smoke Show and Modern Marilyn. Instead of settling for one makeup look, our makeup ‘library’ allow you to experiment with different palettes depending on your mood! Our palettes range from natural to bold and are suitable for all skin types and tones. Natural Knockout is ideal if you’re looking to achieve that “no makeup, makeup look”. Keep it simple with a rosy blush, naturally looking brows and a light contour. If you’re more interested in a bronzy beach goddess look, give Glow Getter a try! For a sexy smoky eye, Smoke Show is the look for you. It’s perfect for date night, a special occasion or even just going out for drinks with friends! If you're the type to never leave home without a bold lipstick, Modern Marilyn is for you! Pair it with radiant looking skin, and you’ll be ready for anything! It’s a classic, sophisticated look that can easily be transitioned from day to night.

Each look includes an eye palette (EyeDucation), face palette (Faceology) and two dual ended lipsticks (one side matte, the other side gloss). Our EyeDucation palettes contain six pigmented and blendable shades. Each palette also contains a “Dash of Flash” for when you want to amp up your glam! Our Faceology palettes are perfect for blending and look amazing on anyone! These palettes include one matte shade for detailed contouring, an all-over bronzing shade, translucent finishing powder, blush and highlighter. Don’t forget that at the back of both the Faceology and EyeDucation palettes there is a Cheek Sheet, which includes easy-to-follow instructions for makeup application! Each look also includes two dual ended lip colours. The matte formula is non drying and the glosses are shiny (but not sticky!). The best part is that they stay in place all day!

Our brushes are the newest to our collection. Travelling and doing makeup on the go has become that much easier with our dual ended brush set. It has all the brushes you need to create flawless looking skin and that perfect defined eye.

Stay Flawless!