Summer Hacks

We all love summer. Who wouldn't enjoy hanging out by the pool on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Or have drinks on a patio rooftop bar with all your friends? But what we don't love is...melting makeup and suffering from the heat. However, fear not! We have a list of beauty and life hacks to help you this season.

Water! One of the most obvious, but most important necessities. Drinking water throughout the day not only keeps your skin hydrated, but it's also essential for your health.

Finishing powder. We love the shining sun, but nobody wants a shiny face. This step is crucial to extend the wear of your makeup and achieve a smooth complexion. Lightly swipe setting powder on to your face as a final step to your makeup application. Focus mainly on the T-zone area to reduce any shine. Luckily our Faceology palettes include a translucent setting powder! Perfect for on the go.

Switch from your winter staples to summer staples. More bronzer, more blush, more glow!

Extra carry-on products in your purse. Keeping makeup products in your bag allows you to touch up on the go! Our Flawless in Fifteen palettes are perfect for busy days! Our compact little books have everything you need.

SPF. If you don't love the feeling of sunscreen, there are so many priming moisturizers, light-weight foundations and setting mists that contain SPF. You don't feel like you're wearing anything, while still staying protected from those rays.

Matte lipstick. Instead of using a shiny gloss, switch to a matte one. Your lip colour will last longer and it decreases the appearance of shiny skin. Our On the Double dual-ended lipsticks have the best of both worlds! One side gloss, the other side matte. The perfect duo for all year round.

Stay Flawless!