Live on The Shopping Channel

My grandfather was a man by the name of Nathan Hennick.  Nathan was larger than life, he told a story like nobody else.  When he was younger he founded a jewellery company and after becoming a father of 4 boys, thought about calling the company Nathan Hennick and Sons. Along came my mother as number 5 and the company was quickly named Nathan Hennick and Company - widely known in the TV shopping world as Diamonelle and Diamonds En Vogue.

I think this is why I have ALWAYS been incredibly fascinated with the home shopping world – I have  seen it as the best platform to really tell a brand story. I like to think I take after Nathan in that nothing excites me more than a good story told in a passionate way, and so my drive to bring Flawless to the small screen is something I prioritized on my dream list.

This was that week.  Tuesday March 14th, I took my brand and my story on The Beauty Hour at 8pm on The Shopping Channel – airing in 8.5 million homes (I can’t even think about that without getting a pit in my stomach!).  I posted a photo on my time at the show on social media and a childhood friend commented saying ‘how do you handle the nerves, does it just come naturally to you?”.  The truth was is that unlike Nathan who I never saw show a hint of fear – I was terrified.  TV is not like talking about something you know and understand in real life.  TV has different camera angles, red lights, marks, fake eyelashes, cues and endless chances for a very public, very live mess up.

There are also rules to follow – your cuticles cant be showing, no black or white or too much pattern, hair off your face, no flyaways, no sparkly make up and the hardest one for me - no swearing!  There were so many things to remember I could barely remember my own name when they called me on set.  So to answer her question, I was absolutely nausea inducingly nervous and no, it certainly did not and does not come naturally to me.

I think that deep hole of fear was what made the first experience so interesting – the next day I watched it back and I did not look nervous AT ALL.  How the hell not, I have no idea.  However, it just proved to me even further that no matter how overwhelming the fear, it DOES NOT MATTER when it comes to the end result.  In fact, I believe,  it can even fuel you to bring your best self to “game day”.

Feeling fear and obsessing over it is inevitable but how often does the worst case scenario usually happen?  The answer is almost never.  So next time something makes you feel more sick than excited, try to see it as a challenge to show that you are bigger than your fear.  Even if you’re faking it, try your best to be the self assured Nathan Hennick of your own life.