How To Survive Festival Season!

Therese Hadfield, Accounting Administrator, Flawless by Friday

August is here and sadly we are in our last final stretch of summer here in Toronto before we all hibernate in our igloos. As the long weekend approaches, so do the major events, parties, music festivals and Caribana! Having just gone to Wayhome (which was a lot of fun and I feel so blessed to have seen both Knowles sisters this year, and Frank *crying emoji*) and enduring 72 hours of partying, here are 5 essentials that you absolutely need to have a memorable, flawless experience.


  1. WATER

Obviously, right? Yet so many people get hot flashes, dehydration, and that’s not chill. Be sure to start your day (especially if you’re going to drink) by drinking a lot of water. I like to start any day by drinking coconut water – it has a lot of electrolytes. AND bonus – water is very very very good for your skin.

  1. SPF

Cannot stress enough how important SPF is for your skin. Spending a lot of time out in the sun is very damaging to your skin so be sure to get yourself some quality sunscreen that is water resistant, or be sure to apply regularly. The last thing you want to deal with is a scorching, painful burn while trying to enjoy your angsty teen punk band that you loved back in high school.


Don’t be a judgey hater. No one asked for your bad energy. Surround yourself with peace, love and poutine.  


Probably one of the wisest dollar store purchases you could make. Just imagine being under the sun, your eyebrows sweating off, and your face is on fire. Now imagine that sweet, sweet relief when you suddenly feel that cool, fresh water mist land on your face. Your friends and many random strangers will thank you.  


Festivals can really take a toll on your body, and if you’re hitting up all the after parties, the next morning may not be looking that cute. If you’re like me, I always wake up with puffy, dry eyes and major eye bags. Quickly putting on Mesmereyes while trying to locate your things and maybe some missing friends will help erase the hangover from your eyes. The hydrating, cooling effect will reduce puffiness and boost radiance. What’s great about it too is that it’s a 3 day system, the perfect item to pack with you for festival season.