How to Save Your Skin This Halloween

Iman Said, Social Media & Content Manager, Flawless by Friday

Yes, you want to go out on Halloween as Pennywise from IT. No, you don't want to go to brunch the next day with dyed skin and breakouts. Here's how to have your Edward Scissorhands cheekbones and maintain your skin, too.

Don't buy makeup at a Halloween store. Those $10 palettes at the Halloween store will be hypoallergenic, but the manufacturers are not concerned with them being noncomedogenic. Tons of artistry brands now offer multicolored cream products designed for skin to prevent clogging pores and they tend to make for better halloween makeup without cracking! 

Start with a primer. It won’t entirely save you but it will definitely help create a barrier between your makeup and your skin and the more of that you can do, the better for your skin. If you’re starting with a relatively natural base try to use a bb cream or a cc cream just to lighten the blow and add some skincare back into that routine. 

Halloween hair: Opt for a wig. A wig is a far better option than any type of hair color because it's mess-free, contains non-toxic ingredients and doesn't require any extra shampooing. The colorful hair sprays available during the Halloween season are typically very low-quality and contain harsh chemicals - so if you’re on a journey to a more healthy mane but you still want to be Harley Quinn, just grab a wig and save your tresses the stress. 

No matter what, wash your makeup off before bed. Those extra 15 minutes of sleep are not worth the irritated skin or the dirty pillow so save yourself the morning regrets. The easiest way to remove halloween makeup is definitely double cleansing - starting with an oil cleanser will help reduce the friction of a makeup wipe and will remove the majority with far less effort. Once that’s done it’s all over! You survived Halloween, YAY! 

And if after reading this list you’re turned off by all the halloween makeup and hair talk you can always rock our Flawless in 15 Face mask and go as a trophy ;) 

Have a Flawless Halloween!