How To Practice Self-Love

Iman Said, Social Media Manager, Flawless by Friday

The concept of Self-love is such an underrated thing.  It seems easy for us to love our family, our significant others, our pets. We spread gratitude and affection to so many others throughout the course of our lives, but we often forget to share that attention and warmth with ourselves. In fact anytime I would try to do things for myself exclusively, I’d  often feel guilty. Guilt from feeling unproductive that I could use the time caring for myself for a more meaningful purpose, guilt from feeling selfish and guilt from feeling narcissistic about thinking of myself altogether. But that guilt is toxic to your ability to love yourself better and strengthen your overall confidence. 

Of course, self-love is not always an easy thing to understand or achieve. It's not like a new lipstick, or even a new relationship, will miraculously make you love and appreciate yourself. In my experience, genuine self-love grows over time when I actively take care of myself, and do things that support my growth, both physically and emotionally.

The easiest way for me to do this was by making a list of things I love to do, and simply taking the time to do those things. From meditation and writing to masking and relaxing, I made an effort to truly show myself that I care. By enjoying the things I love, I was, in turn, loving myself. Everyone’s list is going to look very different but I encourage everyone to try to commit to doing at least one thing for yourself in a day, something you would truly enjoy doing for yourself without feeling guilty. And may your journey with self love bring you a more self-assured, confident and happy you.