#FlawlessMyWay - Maddie Crosbie

Flawless isn't something I feel right now, and I'm slowly becoming alright with that thought.

My version of Flawless is to be someone who isn't held back by fear. To be the girl who speaks her mind all the time, to be the girl who runs after each dream without the nagging “what if” thoughts. I think right now I am not there, and it’s important to know that sometimes you aren't your version of Flawless, you need to work towards it… but that's what life is all about right?

It’s that time of year again when all of the final grades are pouring in. For me the challenge in school isn't succeeding (I mean.. Unless it's a class where I can’t use my calculator). I find that I've really thrown myself into academics the past few years and it’s paid off... on paper. My challenge with school is that I've found it very hard to be creative, I would say I've lost my sense of self during my two years at university. I remember her, but I'm not sure how to access the part of my brain that she resides in anymore.

So when I was given the assignment to start writing blog posts for the Flawless website, I didn't know where to begin. I started writing and I read it back and questioned if I had turned into a robot…. Did I remember what having a personality was!?!

My main direction for these posts was to center them around our “Flawless my Way” campaign that is all about finding yourFlawless, self-love, and empowering other women. It is truly a highlight of my day to see Flawless tags on Instagram of other women openly telling the world why they are Flawless (seriously, so awesome, we need more of this!!). This energy is around me in the office too, each girl in the Flawffice has a reason why they are Flawless! But when I asked myself what mine was… I simply couldn't come up with one. I could think of  a reason why the old me was Flawless, but I can't compare that with who I am today. When I realized this, I made myself actually think about the past two years of my life, which to be honest I haven't had time to do. I've been so engrossed in my school that my personal life was shifted to the side lines and I didn't have time to process what was happening around me.

After a seriously large amount of self-reflection, I would say I am Flawless because I am independent, I am strong, and I am an adult. The adult statement is weird for me to say because I have never thought of myself as a person with the mental maturity over the age of 12, and would not have classified myself as a full-fledged woman. But the past two years have shown me how much of an independent woman I truly am. Simply put, I am Flawless because of the growth I have made.

However, this growth has brought forward a more reserved and less creative nature to my personality. Which, to be really honest, I don’t enjoy, and that is something I want to improve upon. DISCLAIMER: I am about to become the biggest brown noser in the history of everything, but it’s all true so I'm saying it anyways. My boss

Brittny is truly what I think Flawless is, and I hope one day I can be even half as creative and courageous as she is. Her attitude is truly infectious, after only one week in the Flawffice I've experienced more self-reflection and inspiration than I have in the last two years. I cannot wait for this summer to open my eyes to what I’ve been neglecting at university.

I don't think you have one version of Flawless throughout your whole life. I think that your definition can change as you do. Almost like completing the next level of a video game (that I 100% do not play, but let’s pretend), once you achieve that level of Flawless you once aspired to be, you unlock a whole new potential for yourself to grow into.

This was less of an inspirational post (although i hope it helped), I wanted this to be real and show you that you don't need to feel completely Flawless all the time but it is important to understand the attributes that make you Flawless right now.

So here is my first step in the right direction, fearlessly bearing my thoughts to the world (yes... I have a flare for the dramatics).

To many more steps to come,