Flawless Spotlight on Isa & Bella


It's Flawless Founder Friday! We chatted with Isa & Bella founder Isabel about her organic & ethical children's clothing line and here's what she had to say: 

1. How would you describe your journey up until this point? How did your earlier career choices lead you to where you are now?
I have a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design and lots of clothing retail experience from salesperson to store manager and store window designer from back  home. Also I have always been very creative and always wanted to do something by myself that I can say this is my product. I definitely think that it has been a natural  progression of who I am and what I think I am good at it.


2. What advice would you have for other female entrepreneurs who are starting out. That sometimes you just have to do it. Lots of people will try to discourage you and other are going to ask you why you are doing it. And the answer maybe is more simple than you think it is. In my case I do it because I love what I do. Also think about it, if it was that simple and that easy everybody will be doing it. Start doing your research, and always listen to people that have more experience than you and can guide you through the process.

3. How do you define success?
I think success is definitely different for everybody and is comparable to beauty, everyone has different eyes for what they they consider beautiful.
Success for me is to do the right thing all the time, to be honest and to be kind. To be a good citizen and role model for my children and watch them grow happy and healthy individuals.
4. What woman inspires you and why?
The woman that inspires me is my Mother. She started working since a very young age to help her family after loosing her father at a very young age. Her work ethics, honesty and determination to always do the right thing not only for herself but for the people that surrounds her really shape who I am today.
5. What inspired you to start your business?
I always wanted to have my own business, specially something associated with retail and customer services. But it wasn't until I was sitting at York University and taking one of my last subjects related with Small Business Ventures when I decided that this was the time. I had that energy inside of me to put a business plan together, to do what I really love to do and I told myself "I should do it now because if I don't do it now I will never do it. We only live once”.