Flawless Four-Day Weekend Testimonial!

Courtney Chilton, Jewelry Designer, SpeechLust Jewelry 


Four-Day Weekend Flawless 

There is nothing like a long weekend to zap all the nutrients, moisture and efforts you’ve put into your skin. After Labor Day, I had a wedding coming up the following Saturday and I knew that my skin on the Tuesday was just as dull as my excitement for my alarm going off at 7. Thankfully, I purchased Flawless by Friday’s 5-day system and was ready for some detoxing!

I chose to start every morning with my mask because I was worried I would somehow be too busy at night between snacking and Slice episodes.  I was shocked that the Moisture Monday mask was able to take me from dull to dewy in 15 minutes. My brain was groggy but my face was glowing! I felt accomplished on this day that I knew would be all about the baby steps. 

Next came Toning Tuesday and I LOVED the smell of the citrus mask but the Wrinkle Wednesday Green tea Mask was my favourite by far. I love when I can feel a mask actually working and the smells were so natural. I was at a tropical spa right in the middle of my industrial-style condo and its cement walls.

Tightening Thursday came up and its ingredients had me hooked. Collagen? YEP. Caffeine? Even better. I couldn’t believe how smoothly my makeup went on after this mask. It was getting closer to the wedding and my faith was fully in Flawless.

Sadly it was time for my mask snapchats and Flawless detox to come to an end. Because I started on a Tuesday, I put on my Flawless Friday mask before getting ready for the Saturday wedding. When it came time to do my makeup, I was amazed by the lack of foundation and under-eye concealer I decided to use. My skin was soft, toned and full of moisture. The week started with baby steps but the Friday results of this system were far from that. I will absolutely be repeating this package before every event, after every long weekend and in between all the rest.