Five Minutes of Courage

by Brittny Robins, Founder & CEO

I've always been in love with the beauty industry. Growing up as one of 5 sisters,
I was the makeup artist, hair dresser and esthetician. When my sisters' Bat Mitzvahs or birthdays or special events or dates would roll around my mom would take me to the drugstore and pay me in $100 worth of makeup to pick stuff out and hire me as the makeup artist for my whole family. 

As I got older I fell into studies and jobs that I was "supposed" to like. I worked as a travel agent, event planner, bartender and tried other career paths to discover my "passion". Somehow in the face of all of these experiences I forgot that I could make an opportunity for myself to turn my true passion into a career. The truth is that I was afraid.

I was terrified by the idea that I could fail at something I truly loved. It took me admitting it to myself out loud when a friend asked me one day what I really wanted to do.  My answer without hesitation was: "I want to work in the beauty industry and I want to educate women in ways that help them feel good about themselves". Hearing that come out of my mouth changed everything for me.  

That week I went for it and applied to the world's biggest beauty company – and the day I got hired my whole life changed. Now this is a pretty common story of self-realization and pursuing difficult but seemingly attainable goals. However, my next step felt a lot more daunting. This was the step of realizing I wouldn't be fulfilled until I gave myself a voice. A real voice. A voice that I had started to develop growing up surrounded by girls struggling with the ups and downs of self-confidence.  

I had an idea. It was an idea that made perfect sense in my head but it was a concept that I was unsure would make sense to anyone else. But again, I didn't say it out loud – yet. I kept my idea inside my head for almost a year until I felt comfortable enough to tell one of my sisters. She made me feel like I had something. I then went to my parents with a presentation deck. They fell in love with the idea – and that is how "Flawless by Friday" was born. By me having 5 minutes of courage to say my idea out loud. I worked my butt off for another 6 months sourcing the products, finding chemists to ask questions to and learn from and creating the "Flawless by Friday 5 Day System" – my proudest accomplishment to date.  

I remember asking my parents for a loan to pay for my first order. It wasn't a lot, but at that point my dad said something to me that made me seriously consider walking away. He said "I'll lend you the money on one condition – you have to put your face on the packaging". I was stuck – either let my dream die or do something that seemed so vain and out of my comfort zone and so entirely uncomfortable I could barely stand it. I knew deep inside I wasn't flawless. So how could my face be on the packaging? Finally, I agreed and lost about 6 months of sleep over it. Then something magical started to happen – the picture of me representing my own brand resonated with people – with customers, store-owners, business people. I still wasn't flawless, but I realized that I had gained the confidence to be my own version of flawless. Inside and out.  

The truth is this. I am still terrified every single morning when I wake up. I am scared of looking stupid, forgetting an important detail, filling out paperwork wrong or disappointing somebody. But somehow every single night I go to sleep a little bit further along on the road to pursuing and achieving my dreams of having a voice in this industry. I get one step closer to creating a brand that gives people the opportunity to feel good enough about themselves to drop their insecurities just long enough to live in their moment.  

This is what I hope for all women.  That they can push past their fear of their personal version of flawless and achieve anything they choose.

Brittny Robins
Entrepreneur, Innovator, Girl