Feel Flawless Your Way, Every Day - Danya

As young women, we are often expected to develop our own “signature” everything. Signature hairstyle, signature scent. So too we are often asked about our signature makeup look that represents our style and personality. For some women, it is a simple black cat eye they wear on the regular, and for others, it is clean mascara and a bold lip.

I always found the idea of settling for one makeup look to be boring. I too see makeup as a way to express my style, however, my style is always changing and I love to experiment with different looks based on my mood. Some days I want to be natural and simple, while other days I want to be glamorous or bold. I should also mention I am no makeup artist.

In comes Flawless in Fifteen. Four different face and eye palates to suit any style you may be going for. Palettes range from natural to bold, but are all still super wearable and neutral to match any skin tone.

EyeDucation palettes feature soft, buttery and super pigmented colours. Everything is cohesive and matchy, but you can still control the level of intensity with the option to add the extra step of a “dash of flash.” The textures and colours are on point and I love them so much.

Faceology colours blend together flawlessly and glide on smoothly to both bare skin and skin prepped with foundation. Colours are universally flattering and I ESPECIALLY love the highlighters.

Matte lip colours stay in place all day and the glosses are shiny without being sticky (because who wants sticky lips?!)

Flawless in Fifteen offers you everything you need to feel flawless your way, everyday.