Fearless Female - Red Lips and Louboutins

by Bonnie Brooks, badass businesswoman, our biggest girl crush and Flawless mentor

Throughout the early years of my career, I was moving up the ranks in various marketing positions. However, despite my growth, I was always questioning my ability along with insecurities I maintained about my personal style and look. You see, I started my fashion career as a photo-shoot stylist and producer in the marketing department of Fairweather, shortly after returning from a job in fashion in London at the end of an extensive European trek with friends.

Hiring models and photographers and creating the imagery for this very
progressive company was exciting - but working with beautiful models became somewhat intimidating because, of course, I always compared myself to them. I had a passion for the business but was inexperienced and insecure. I think those early years immersed in the world of fashion models and rock and roll groupies (I had also just married a rock musician) led me to strive to do more than 'look' good but to 'be' good. My revenge for not being born 5'10 and flawless would have to be winning at being my personal best as a team contributor, and later as a leader.

Being and looking your best in our world is a given - never a bad hair day or bad nail day! The pressure for women in fashion is much more intense than for men. My male colleague CEOs from other fashion businesses over the last 25 years, in the first row of the European and New York runway shows seated beside me, never worried a minute about whether their lips should be matte or glossy and they didn't silently suffer with their Louboutins pinching their aching feet.

Looking good is our business and to be honest, I wouldn't trade our world for any other! When you look good you feel better, and when you feel better; you do better. I only wish we had the face masks and eye lift gels from Flawless by Friday years before now!

So girls, you may spend a lot more time than your guy getting ready to face each day - and you might have to be more disciplined to get to the height of your career goals - but red lips can enchantingly dazzle and turn heads in a boardroom and the guys - they just can't do that!