Being A Relentless Pain In The Ass

Brittny Robins, Founder & CEO, Flawless By Friday

I’ll start off by telling you that “relentless pain in the ass” is basically how my dad has referred to me since I was a teenager.  He always used it to refer to my persistence whenever I wanted something, whether it was getting my first cell phone, going to a concert or pushing an idea I had on my parents; for instance, the high school semester abroad I got to go on took about a year of being a pain in the ass. This always offended me as I associated it with being an annoying bug – someone you wish would stop talking.

My dad still calls me that – a relentless pain in the ass – now I hear it differently.  I hear it as being what I think it truly is, which is someone who refuses to stop until they achieve their goal.  Recently I decided that I wanted Flawless products to be sold at Indigo (an unbelievable book store that has expanded into lifestyle products).  I felt as if reading and rejuventating (aka relaxing and taking care of your skin) would be a perfect combination.  After doing a little Linkedin connecting and messaging I got in touch with one of the buyers there and she agreed to schedule a phone call to discuss the potential opportunity. The phone call then got moved, and moved again and every time I tried to reschedule I had difficulty organizing anything. I believe that someone who wasn’t a “pain in the ass” would have given up after the 2nd or 3rd try to connect.  Instead I had my team pull Linkedin photos of indigo employees and digitally add eye masks onto their photo while having them appear to be reading a book with the hashtag #readandrejuvenate and sent an additional folder of photos of people masking and reading.   

After receiving another answer that we would set up a call that didn’t happen I proceeded to send 2 more emails where I referenced #readandrejuvenate and sent more images through. When we finally hopped on the call they were already prepared to place an order and the deal was done! Now, we will be launching in 2 weeks and could not be more excited!! 

My thought process was this – I did not let myself feel offended that it had been hard to get in touch with them – it was absolutely not personal.  When someone is working hard and has a million priorities you are certainly not going to be their first, so don’t be afraid to remind them of your existence. If it is personal it will be clear and they will explicitly tell you they are not interested in whatever it is you want to discuss. 

The take home is this. Being a pain in the ass is what can set you apart – using creative (while still tactful) ways to get someone’s attention is what has allowed me to grow this business.  Always be respectful of someone’s time but don’t let you or your great ideas fall under the radar.  

My dad hit the nail on the head – I am and probably always will be a "pain in the ass" it just took me time to realize that being one could be the key difference in building my brand.