Advice from a Twenty-Something

“So what’s your plan???” This dreadful question that everyone and their mother seemed to be asking me after I graduated was something I never had a clear cut answer to, and to be quite frank, I still couldn’t give you one. I had plenty of dreams and ambitions, yes, but I never really had a set route on how I was going to achieve them. I had graduated with a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree from the University of Guelph (specializing in Accounting) and was just relieved to not have to look at another textbook, fill out a scantron, or write another essay for a long time. It was the end of another chapter in my life, and the beginning of a whole new adventure – it was time to start “adulting”.

It’s strange to think of yourself and your friends as adults. You start to see the transition amongst yourself and your friends, some are getting their careers started, some are getting their Master’s or going to med school, and some are even putting a ring on it. It seemed like people had their lives together already, and I was a lost, hot mess. I kept comparing myself to those who seemed like they had it together, and from that I became extremely insecure and my self-confidence was tanking.

It was one fall day, after listening to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill on repeat, it hit me. I could either be stuck in this slump, or I could use this energy towards being productive, and getting my chakras aligned. Life had really kicked me in the ass at 22, there were many great times, and many disappointments – all life lessons to be had. What I knew for sure was 1) I had to come to terms with cancelling my dream of becoming Beyonce’s dance captain and 2) that I wanted to work and live in Toronto, no doubt. So that became my motivational force for change. I set my sights on what I wanted and began to meticulously work hard towards it. I began to apply to jobs in Toronto like crazy, sending out resumes, calling and emailing. I knew that I just had to be patient and the right one would answer. I took rejections as a way of improving myself, and oddly enough I was gaining back my confidence. During that period I never gave up on myself, and I stopped comparing myself to others. I realized despite looking like they might “have it together”, each twenty-something year old is different, and is enduring their own struggle. And the struggle is real!

Now, I am the newest member of the Flawless By Friday family and my confidence is almost at Kanye level. Being surrounded by hard-working, amazing women makes me happy to go to work each morning. Starting out the in the real world can be daunting, and it’s totally okay to feel lost at times. But you are 110% capable of achieving what you want as long as you continue to work hard towards it. Flaunt your flawless and don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back.