A Flawless Guide To Masks

Iman Said, Social & Content Manager, Flawless by Friday

There is no shortage of face masks in every drug store or beauty retailer but finding the ones right for your skin are often a lot trickier than they seem. Let’s be real – face masks have come a very long way from the mud formulations in the beauty aisle of your local Walmart and Shoppers that had a one-size-fits-all function of drying your skin out. Today masks come in pretty much every formulation under the sun and cater to all skin types. Take this guide with you on your next mask haul as we talk about their importance in your routine!


Mud Masks 

Like I briefly mentioned above, chances are, the very first face mask you ever used was of the mud family. With hormonal teenage acne and oil it’s no wonder the first thing you’d get from the drug store was anything that promised to draw out excess dirt, oil and impurities. Mud masks have also come a long way from their extra-drying beginnings so there are more mild options for all skin types except dry!

Peel-off Masks

Peel-off masks are like the blackhead strips of the face, except slightly less aggressive and extra satisfying. They’re typically lightweight gels that tighten up and lift at the corners of the face as they dry so that you can peel easily. Unfortunately not an ideal option if you have peach fuzz/facial hair of any sort (ouch!) But if you’d like to target any blackheads or whiteheads applying them directly to any areas of concern always works like a charm!

Sheet Masks 

Sheet Masks have become more popular in recent years particularly after K-Beauty came to the West. A sheet mask is typically made from cotton or paper and soaked in liquid formulas meant to hydrate the skin. They are also pre-cut into the shape of the face with holes for your eyes, nose, and mouth. 

Hydrogel Masks

Made of essence thickened into gel, hydrogel masks are a more luxurious and potent upgrade to the commonplace sheet mask (and our personal favouriteJ) They’re jam packed with increased benefits and decreased mess. There is no reason to rinse-off after it’s removed so treat it as a step in your skincare regime to give you immediate radiance. These masks are great for all skin types and have concentrated ingredients to give you targeted results, so whether you have dry, dull, acne-prone or aging skin there is likely a hydrogel mask for you!

Happy Masking and Stay Flawless!