5 Ways to Stay Flawless During the Holidays

by Iman Said, Social Media and Account Coordinator

The holidays are just around the corner and the days of late-night festivities (stuffing your face with hors d’oeuvres and haphazardly removing your makeup) will soon be behind us. Because let’s face it - there are too many things to do, not enough time for sleep, and way too much eggnog and gingerbread cookies. But all that aside, here are some tips and tricks to keep your skin and makeup looking flawless so you can focus less on your appearance and more on creating lifelong memories with your loved ones. 

  1. Stress x Sweets = Breakouts!

The higher than normal sugar intakes and the stress of last-minute holiday shopping can definitely take a toll on our skin. There are a few sure ways to help get your skin under control during the holidays but the best bet is to start early. If you know you’re more than likely to be overindulging in sweets and having your makeup on for far more hours than you’ve anticipated, then switching something as small as your cleanser out can save you from some unwanted breakouts. A pH-balanced cleanser with a small percentage of salicylic acid can help kill acne bacteria and also gently exfoliate your skin so you’re controlling active breakouts and preventing future spots as well! Because lets be real, we’re not letting a couple of spots stop us from eating our weight in food this holiday season!

  1. All Salt no Water = Puffy eyes

Since we’re already on the subject of food, sugar isn’t the only thing that contributes to skin problems! Unfortunate as it is, all those high sodium meals and salty snacks are known for making your face and under eyes extra puffy. I’m definitely not telling you to skip out on any holiday dinners here, but making sure you’re drinking a ton of water to dilute the salt intake is definitely going to save you. If it’s too late for that and you’re already dehydrated and overdosed on cheese and cracker platters, then a cooling mask might do the trick. You can even place your mask in the fridge for an extra kick! Another quick tip is taking some ground coffee, adding a bit of water and giving your skin a gentle exfoliation with it. Caffeine is great for helping restrict water retention so a significant amount of that puffiness will go down in no time!

  1. Just winter in general = Dry, Flaky Skin

Of course amongst all the issues that come with this time of year dry skin is always a reoccurring issue. The first and least acknowledge step to remedy dry skin is exfoliating! Your skin can’t absorb all those rich oils and moisturizers we slather on unless our dead skin cells are adequately removed. Your skin will be visibly softer and smoother and you’ll feel less inclined to bathe in oils (though that would still be nice). Of course a few other remedies are the obvious, drink more water, crank up the humidifier and don’t skip on moisturizer and sunscreen! Stay hydrated.

  1. No Time, No Problem = 5min Glam!

Holiday makeup is hard to master, and chances are you won’t be able to get a last-minute appointment to have your makeup done at MAC or Sephora, so making sure you’re prepared to handle it on your own is key. I always recommend keeping it simple, if you overcomplicate it, not only will it be hard to maintain throughout the night, but chances are you’re more likely to mess up during the process and give yourself something unnecessary to stress about. While it would be nice to spend 30 minutes on a holiday glam, when you’re heading from the office to a party you normally have about 5. Using your lipstick as blush and blending it out with your fingertips is a sure way to save time and also give you a nice holiday flush and it makes your lips and rosy cheeks the focal point of your look – so you don’t need to worry about your eyes! You could also take a different angle to holiday looks and ditch the red lipstick and go for a hydrated look. Apply some gloss on your lips, on the centre of your eyelid and on the high points of your cheeks. Not only will you not have to worry about reapplying your red lip after a bite of every meal but you’ll also look and feel like the most hydrated person at the party!

  1. Cold weather = Static Hair

Nothing worse than having your face beat for those holiday parties but have all the static that comes with winter throw your whole look off. The war on static hair is hard to win but fear not, it is possible. Something as simple as keeping a dryer sheet on you can really save the day. Just smooth it over your hair and it will both prevent your hair from static frizz and get it under control when your hair starts separating. Its discreet enough that it requires nearly no time at all but if worse comes to worse resorting to a cute Pinterest-style braid might also save you a lot of time and tress stress!