5 Ways to Feel Flawless As You Go Back To School✨

Iman Said, Social Media Manager, Flawless By Friday

Summer is over and September has crept in, which means back to school for many of us. While I graduated two years ago I often reflect on the elements of my time in school and the things that helped me feel focused and feel like my best self for the new semester. Hopefully these tips help you start your year on the right foot like they helped me!

1. Start your day with a healthy breakfast

Have a healthy breakfast every morning to get your mind ready for the long days of lectures, lessons and readings. While I’m also guilty of skipping breakfast a lot of the time and substituting coffee – the difference a hearty breakfast makes in how you approach the rest of your day makes getting up a little earlier worth it. It’s a proven way to increase your focus and jump-start your metabolism so you feel alert throughout the day.

2. Save the easiest for last

Work is bound to pile up in school and getting a grip in the beginning and prioritizing what needs immediate attention versus what can wait will save you a number of stress meltdowns. The easiest way to do this is tackling work based on what is the hardest or what you want to work on the least. I always felt like once the worst was off my plate it was so much easier to breeze through the rest.

3. Start fresh with a new planner/journal

Clean the slate. There’s something about a new journal – all the potential in those unwritten pages – so get one separate from your class notebooks and agendas to write out all your other thoughts. It will help inspire creativity, which brings us to our next point.

4. Write your thoughts down

Let all your thoughts out on a piece of paper or in a journal. Taking a few minutes before bed to compartmentalize your ideas, goals and emotions can be very helpful. This way you can go to bed with a clear conscience and have your goals for the next day prioritized. It’s an excellent way to de-stress and make the day look less intimidating but also a great way to reflect at the year-end as well. One of my favourite uses for a journal is to write down the things you love about yourself and write notes and quotes that make you feel more inspired and excited for what the day holds.

5. Make memories  

Your high school and university years will go by very fast so while keeping your head in the books the entire time will get you far, try to make memories. One of my biggest regrets was skipping out on prom for reasons I still can’t justify to myself. So my advice is to go to school functions and events, spend time with your friends and ask that guy you’ve been crushing on in second period out.

And most importantly have fun and feel confident. While it’s easier said than done, spend a few minutes every morning looking in the mirror. Not to analyze the things you dislike about yourself but to point out the things you love about yourself out loud. Smiling, even if you don’t mean it, will indirectly make you feel happier and more confident. Girls are especially socialized into not wanting to stand out too much so don’t forget to give yourself credit for the things that make you great and never downplay your talents – everyone has a different gift and you should be proud of yours. Stay Flawless & Focused!